Mr. Jagadish T. Pai (Founder)

Mr. Jagadish T. Pai, an Arts graduate is the founder of Pai Associates. Currently residing at Honavar, a beautiful place with nature's tranquillity and oceans sereneness along the coast lines of North Canara. He is a veteran in the Marine Industry with more than 40+ years of experience in various forms of business related to the Marine Industry. Right from starting as a marine product trader in the year 1969 to being the owner of one of the biggest oceanic shrimp traders across the west coast to a Marine Exporter who won the Govt. of India Presidential Award for Excellency in Exports in the year 1984, he has seen it all in his illustrious career. He is the guiding light to all his peers and colleagues at Pai Associates and has been the integral part of Pai Associates in its real estate ventures across Karnataka. A true gentleman with great public relation skills, he is active in the social development of his home town. A philanthropist with a big heart and always willing to accept any challenges in his path.

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